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At Prestige Countertops & Services Inc., we have custom countertop solutions for your home that will drastically improve the appearance of your kitchen, bathroom, or at-home bar. We specialize in fabrication and installation of solid surface countertops in home from Meadville and Corry, PA to Buffalo, NY. 

How are your kitchen countertops looking these days? Have they faded over the years? Do your countertops have scratches and other unsightly imperfections? Are they outdated?

No matter what concerns you have about your countertops, we look past it. All we envision when working with clients is the beautiful, imperfection-free final product that will transform your home.

How do you picture your updated kitchen?

With pristine solid surface countertops:

Check out some of our solid surfaces at work as countertops and even windowsills, tables & more.

With timeless stone countertops:

At our headquarters in Corry, we have over 100 stone slabs on site for you to choose from.

I'm not sure...

That's okay! Our countertop contractors are here to help you find the perfect fit for your home. 

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Interested in custom countertops?
Interested in custom countertops?