Solid Surface countertop options — Dupont, Corian, and other solid surface materials

Corian seating

There are a lot of countertop options on the market. It may seem overwhelming at first when trying to choose a new custom countertop for your home or business. But actually the variety of countertop options is in your favor when you work with Prestige as there are endless colors, brands, and materials available to choose from to find the perfect countertop. Solid surface countertops are known for their immense variety of colors and their impenetrable surfaces that provide long-lasting style without acquiring stains over time. 

One perk of this type of material is that the base cost of solid surface countertops is typically lower than quartz, marble, or granite countertops. 

We can also fabricate custom windowsills, custom tables, and other surfaces for your home, made from these materials.

Corian Countertops

Corian Solid Surface countertops have remained popular throughout the years due to their versatility. They can be engraved, colored, and thermoformed to fit your space and vision — whatever that may be.

Corian is tough and easy to clean. And since it is a solid surface countertop without any seams, there are no crevices for germs or bacteria to hide, making them safe for your family or customers. Additionally, Corian countertops are repairable.

Other Solid Surface Countertops

At Prestige, we offer solid surface countertops by more than a half dozen suppliers. This durable, stain-resistant, non-porous material is ideal for countertops in homes. It can even mimic the appearance of stone, wood, or granite, as well as be fabricated and shaped to fit any kitchen or bathroom. Solid surface countertops are easy to repair, clean, and conform to any space. 

For solid surface countertops, our suppliers include: Dupont, Corian Solid Surfaces, Living Stone, LG Hi-Macs, Formica, Staron, and Avonite

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Interested in custom countertops?
Interested in custom countertops?