Stone Countertops: Explore Marble, Granite and Quartz Options

Stone countertops have been a favorite of home and business owners for years thanks to their elegance, strength and natural style. Natural stone countertops are only a few of the stone countertops available.

Stone countertops are available in nearly every color; From stunning white marble countertops to striking black granite, and pink or red quartz.

At Prestige Countertops & Services Inc., we know that perfect countertops are the ones that fit your needs, last a lifetime, and match your style. Browse our stone countertop categories or reach out to find your new custom countertop.


If you're looking for timeless style and life-long satisfaction, you can't afford to pass on our selection of granite countertops for your home, business, bathroom or bar.

granite countertops

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If you've lived with horribly stained countertops in the past, then we have the perfect surface to revitalize and upgrade your home: A custom quartz countertop.

quartz countertops

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Marble countertops — with their beautiful and subtle patterns —  work for you by increasing home or property value from the very day they are installed.

marble countertops

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Interested in custom countertops?
Interested in custom countertops?