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Our Corry location is the home to our extensive showroom, but we serve clients across the region!

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Also Serving the Buffalo, NY Area

Although located in Pennsylvania, Prestige Countertops & Services Inc is proud to serve the residents of Buffalo, NY. Located on the shores of Lake Erie in Western New York, Buffalo is the second largest city in New York. The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 connected the Atlantic Ocean and New York City to the Great Lakes and the Midwest, and made Buffalo, NY the 6th busiest water port in the world by 1900.

The city continued its success with the steel manufacturing industry until about the 1960s when jobs moved overseas and population began to decrease. Recently, the city has gone through a revival with waterfront properties being reinvented into public spaces such as Canalside, and Riverworks. Buffalo, NY is also known to have some of the most affordable housing market in the country, making it an attractive market for flipping homes.