Solid Surface & Stone Countertops

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At Prestige, we offer a variety of solid surface countertops as well as some of the most popular stone options. Every countertop is custom to fit your needs. As countertop contractors, it is part of our job to help select the very best countertop for your home or workspace that will provide years of strength and beauty, no matter what the surface should encounter. 

Browse all of the solid surface countertops — including the ever-popular Corian — available for your home or business or gaze at the magnificent granite, marble and quartz countertop selections below. 

Don't know where to start? Tell us about your project and we will work with you to find the perfect countertop solution. 


Solid Surface Countertops


Prestige carries solid surface acrylic countertops from more than a half dozen renowned vendors including the ever-popular Corian. Solid surface countertops come in nearly every color meaning you're sure to find the perfect match to revitalize your home or workspace. 

Corian is a non-porous surface meaning substances are unable to penetrate the surface and leave residual stains. This flawless surface is achieved by a process called thermoforming. And, with no micro cracks, crevices or spaces in the surface, germs, and bacteria have no place to hide in your countertop. 


Stone Countertops


Stone countertops offer timeless style, strength, and durability. With the broad array of natural colors and patterns available in different types of stone countertops, it is no wonder that these have been a favorite of home and business owners looking for effortless aesthetic appeal for years. 

Prestige carries some of the most popular stone countertop options including granite, marble, and quartz. Learn more about what each variety offers and browse our inventory to find the perfect countertop solution for your home or business today.


Since 2012, Prestige has been working with individuals like you to transform their commercial businesses and personal residences with brand-new countertops, custom reception desks, and bars. Our experts know how important it is to feel happy and prideful in your space and take special care to provide you with services that allow you to do so.

Interested in custom countertops?
Interested in custom countertops?